Hail all,
from 16.04.12
we’re proud to pronounce that we have a change in our booking:
Since this week we’re working together with the agency “Rockingmama Promotion”:
We hope we can present you a lot of gigs in the near future that way and we are looking forward working
with them :-)!!
The guys of M.A.D.
Hail all,
from 13.08.11
we have some new video.stuff for you!
M.A.D was in TV again and if you speak german you’re invited to check mit out:
To our video-page:
...and if you listen closely, you can hear som tunes for our new album!
Have fun with it!!
The guys of M.A.D.
...and again M.A.D. had a TV appearance ;-):
from 03.12.11
We had our first TV-talk with amazing Anja Novak in the Show “Redezeit” on IN-TV!
It was aired daily for nearly one and a half weeks long on digital TV all over europe. 
And although it is all in German you should check it out because there is a snippet of our video “Don’t Sell
Your Soul” in part1 and at the end of part 2 you can watch a real nice unplugged performance of our song
“Where I Belong” of our debut-album “Warning!”.
Here you will get to our video-page with all our visual content:
Have fun with it!!
The guys of M.A.D.
 “Redezeit” with Anja Novak - Part 1
 “Redezeit” with Anja Novak - Part 2
Hello all,
from 19.01.12
since last saturday we are one of the two official support bands for the cover-rock giants “First generation
of Number Nine”  - a reunion of the legendary first line up of “Number Nine” from 1989, who won their
spurs e.g with the albums “Everybody’s Crazy” and “Colours” doing their own songs...!!
Our next gig with the guys will take place on the 12.05 in Königsberg, Bavaria and we hope there will
follow some more nice gigs soon.
Keep on rockin’!
The Guys of M.A.D.
Hail all,
from 13.08.11
yes, we know, it’s been a long time since you heard from us, but that does not mean we baged down!
Although for circumstances of the job and health, we had to postpone the work on our new album for an
uncertain time, we are working hard on organizing a small China tour and our “China-man”, Jochen, could
arrange that a young movie-producer will take our music for one of his movie projects and get him a roles in
the movie (working-title: “The Seven Unnoticed Dead”). He got one of the main roles and plays the bad guy
in that movie ;-).
Here is a first trailer:
Release is planned for end of Oktober!
Have fun with it!!
The guys of M.A.D.